What is Link Building? It is basically a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. A hyperlink or generally called as a link is one of the ways for users to go from one page to another on the internet.


The links also function as a road for search engines to crawl your website. There are too many ways to build links. It can be free or paid methods.


In this post, I will highlight the important things to consider when you are building links. For most SEO experts, link building is one the hardest part of SEO.


Because of that reason, if you can master and become an expert of this art of quality link building, you can really place yourself above others and be less worried about your competitors.


Besides, you can offer quality link building service to others and make a lot of money from it.


Quality Link Building Fundamental: Why Link Building is Important?



The reason why link building is important is that it is a major factor to determine your website ranking.


If you are ranking on Google, they already stated that you can improve your rank by increasing the number of quality websites that link to your pages.


How to Make Other Sites Linking to You



There are a number of quality link building strategies used to make others link their sites to yours:


  • Create a good content: An interesting content when shared to the public (e.g. Facebook post, forums and etc) will trigger others to refer and link to.
  • Submit your content to press releases or directories.
  • Review: Put your content in the blogs of well-known and influential bloggers.
  • Links: Let your friends know about your content so that they will share your content and link to your sites.


Mentioned above are just a few of the things that could be done for quality link building. However, there will always be pros and cons to everything. Here are a few of the cons of using the methods mentioned above:


  1. It is time-consuming – To build a quality content requires you to have a good copywriting skill or if you are hiring copywriters, they should know what are they supposed to do.
  2. You don’t have absolute control on the quality of the linking page, how they promote your content (products, services and etc) or where they are linking on your website.


Factors Affecting Quality Link Building



There are a few factors that will affect the quality of your link building:


  • Where the link is aimed at – Most of the time, people will link it directly to your homepage.
  • Anchor Text – The actual text a linking page uses that mentioned about your content.
  • The quality of the linking page – The quality of the page that sends the link is also important.


However, all these things are uncontrolled variables. To get a control over all these things, you need to follow these:


  • Choose the best anchor text to be used
  • Choose the correct page to point the anchor text
  • Choose the linking page of the highest quality and excellent content