SEO Auditing, why you should consider for your website? In order to maintain your website presence and search engine rankings, you should consider SEO auditing for your website.


By doing this, whatever your website has achieved will be maintained. Sometimes, due to ignorance of these things will cause your website to slowly dropping down the rank in the search engine.


This is surely not something that you wish to happen to your website.


When You Should Perform SEO Auditing?



SEO auditing should be performed on a regular basis or at least once every 5-6 months. You should make this into a habit so that your site will always be up to the standard and relevant to your visitors.


Mentioned below are the steps or checklist of what should be done to perform SEO auditing.


Before that, you should know the reasons on why you should really need to perform a full SEO audit on your website.


Reasons For Auditing Your Website



  • Search engines are always updating their algorithms. You should be updated with the changes.
  • If you are ranking on Google, always check their latest Google Webmaster Guidelines.
  • You should know that what works in the previous year are not necessarily going to work the same in this year.
  • Unless you are posting evergreen contents, you should check your content to ensure that it is not outdated.
  • Everyone loves new and fresh contents. Your visitors and search engines also love it very much!
  • Check for errors on your site. It can be broken links, images not loading properly and etc.
  • Check the links to your site and clean your link profile. This will improve your search engine ranking.


Mentioned above are only a few of the reasons why you should perform SEO auditing.


What to Be Done in a Full SEO Audit



If you are not confident on how to perform SEO auditing by yourself, you can always find and hire someone who is an expert in SEO to do all the tasks for you.


That will be the simplest and easiest way. However, if you are not confident with others or you are on a tight budget, you can always do it yourself.


Below is the list of the things that I usually take into considerations when doing SEO auditing:


  • Use separate crawlers at least 3 crawlers by different companies to crawl the website first and then identified all the errors as well as the data needed for further analysis.
  • Review all the meta data
  • Review all the URLs
  • Review all links
  • Check the redirects (301, 302 and 404 errors)
  • Check a number of pages on the site
  • Check page speed
  • Review Google Webmaster Tools to see if you are not complying with certain rules set by them
  • Check the backlinks to the site. Compile all the links and review them.
  • Check for over optimization issues


Basically, the things mentioned above are the things that I always do when I am auditing the website.


However, that is not all to it. The list above is just for you to get a rough idea of what  SEO auditing is.


You can always outsource others if you don’t want to waste your time doing and learning a few new things.


If you are on a tight budget, there is no harm in learning new things. Who knows that if one day you will become an expert in SEO and you can offer your own SEO service to others.