SEO Safety Guide: What does it mean by staying safe in SEO?


It is actually something that might be happening in the future where the algorithm of the SEO might be changing and every trick that you is using now which are allowable might be penalized in the future.


If this happens, your website’s ranking will drop drastically and you are going to get troubles to raise it up all over again.


But, you don’t have to be worried since I am going to share with you a secret on how to always stay safe in SEO.


In order for you to guess what will come next or what things will be wiped out by Google, you just need to see the pattern of the past.


Then, you will be able to predict what will be the next steps by Google.


I know that you might think that Google is the bad guy here.


But, you know what? Google is actually our unsung hero.


The reasons Google do so are that they are going to eliminate all the bad or useless content websites and leaving only those that provide quality content.


They are wiping out all the websites out there that are not going to give benefits to its users.


Google has billions of users out there.


They need to ensure that their users are satisfied with their services so they need to cut the crap and leave only the best.


It is also beneficial to us since we are going to have lesser competitors.


You just need to keep on updated with the latest information about Google’s SEO algorithms so that you can take the correct measures.


Since there are billions of pages out there on Google, they somehow used a standard order to eliminate all the useless contents.


However, if they get too detailed about the order, they might end up wiping out many good contents too.


So that is why Google is still being cautious and you need to know what are the things that are being monitored by them and exploit this information to the full use.


It is actually very easy for you to stay safe in SEO.


You just need to know how.


To stay safe in SEO, there are 3 things that you should avoid. There are:

1 . SEO Safety: On-site Over Optimization


On-site optimization or on page SEO are the same thing.


This where you are going to do the keyword stuffing before this, but now it is more towards keyword densities.


However, too many keywords mean that you are doing keyword stuffing and keyword stuffing means that you are having a very high density of keyword.


Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


There is actually a better way for you to rank your keyword and website. You should not repeat your main keywords over and over.

2 . SEO Safety: Off-site Over Optimization


How to ensure that you are not doing an over off-site optimization?


Off-site optimization basically about diversifying your anchors as much as possible.


You need to build your bunch of links that do not have your exact anchors in them.


The better way to do this is to build random anchors, URLs and few other things so that you can make your profile looks natural.


3 . SEO Safety: Blog Networks

If you have big blog networks or are using services that link your money site directly to any big blog networks, you should consider to stop it or it will really cost you more time and money.

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