For a page or site to reach its targeted audience, you should know the importance of keywords.


Keywords are basically the words/sentences used for you to find something in the search engines.


For example, “free online manga”. By doing so, a list of pages or sites will be shown in the search results.


From here, you can see on the top of the search result just below the search box, it shows the number of results available for this keyword.


By having a solid background about keyword research, you will be able to rank your page or site on the top of the list.

How to Choose a Keyword?



Keyword research is done based on a few factors:

  • Topic that you are going to cover

The keyword chosen is not randomly chosen. It should be relevant to your business or service. Let’s say that you are running a business of smart watches. The keywords that might be your choice are cheap smart watches, best smart watches, latest design of smart watches and etc. You can make the list continues as long as you want.


  • Choose the best keyword from your list

From the list, try and guess what will be the thing that your potential customers are looking the most. Find the one that is most relevant to your customers.


  • Check Google’s related search

You can find this at the bottom of the search result page. It shows a few related keywords that are being searched by the users. From these keywords, you can roughly think of a keyword that might be searched by your potential customers.


  • Use Google Keyword Planner

It is a tool in Google Adwords where you can get a complete statistical analysis of the search volume and traffic analysis for the keywords that you are considering for your page or site.


Bear in mind that the keywords with too little search should be eliminated as well as the one that is too competitive.

Search Volume and Competition

A simple keyword will give you the highest search volume.


It is true that they are many people who are searching using that keyword, but you need to know that it also means that the competition will be the highest.


For this kind of keyword, you need to compete with many other well-established sites on the internet. So, the best option is to go for something else.


Specific Keyword


It is a keyword which is not too general. For example: “whey protein in Kuala Lumpur”. It is specific enough since it mentions the product and the place.


This shows that the demand is very specific and if you manage to rank yourself using this keyword, you will have almost absolute control for this product at this area.


Long Tail Keywords


You will come across this term later on. It is basically almost the same as the specific keywords where the keywords will be around 4-7 words long.


The purpose of doing so is similar to specific keywords which are to be more specific. It is actually one of the best ways to rank your page or site on the internet.


However, every keyword that you has chosen is not going to be eternal. It is an ongoing process.


What works today might not be working tomorrow. Therefore you need to always up to date with the latest trends.